Enhancing healthcare in Indonesia
by Knowledge, Technology, and Partnerships.


IDBH Senso focusses on developing health businesses in Indonesia with Dutch Healthcare solutions. We support our customers with our extensive knowledge of the country, the culture and the network in both public and private sector. 


Digital transformation and a high demand for accessible healthcare has led to many challenges and opportunities in the way care is delivered. IDBH Senso localize and develop the Dutch healthcare solutions to fit the Indonesian demand.


Strong partnerships with the Dutch Solutions Providers, Indonesian stakeholders and partners  in the development and delivery of innovative healthcare solutions are essential in supporting local organizations in the rapidly changing healthcare arena in Indonesia.

Enabling your Healthcare business in Indonesia is what we do! 

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Realizing Impact in Indonesia

Indonesia is facing a huge burden of tuberculosis and yet experience a large number of barriers to accessing timely screening and treatment. Indonesia also faces maternal and child mortality rates that are still too high, although quite some progress has been made over the last decades.
There is a growing need for improved access and quality of (remote) screening services while reducing costs and support better health outcomes. This offers many opportunities to those who are committed to tackle the challenges and impediments to realize measurable impact.

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Is Indonesia the right market for your business? How can we enter a market with 270 millions people in 17000 island?

We can help you to get to more insights about the market, the businesss culture and the landing strategy

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Local support

A country with 3 different time zones and at least 5 hours away from the Central European Time. 

Let us help you with your local support and give your customers a localized service!

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Indonesia’s healthcare development has been a key area of focus for the government, aiming to improve the quality, accessibility, and affordability of healthcare services.

Universal Health Coverage

Introduced in 2014, JKN is Indonesia’s national health insurance program administered by the Social Security Administering Body (BPJS). It aims to provide comprehensive health coverage to all Indonesian citizens and legal residents. As of recent years, JKN has enrolled over 200 million people, making it one of the largest single-payer systems globally.

Infrastructure Development

Significant investments have been made to expand healthcare infrastructure across the archipelago, especially in remote and rural areas. This includes building new hospitals, community health centers (Puskesmas), and improving existing facilities.

Human Resources

Efforts to increase the number of healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and midwives, are ongoing. Programs such as Nusantara Sehat send healthcare teams to underserved regions to ensure that remote areas have access to essential health services.

Digital Health

The adoption of digital health technologies has accelerated, especially in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Telemedicine services, electronic health records, and mobile health applications have been increasingly utilized to improve healthcare delivery and patient management.

Task Force Health Care

IDBH Senso is member of
Task Force Health Care
The Netherlands

Task Force Health Care (TFHC) has been representing the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector since 1996. Our various TFHC Platforms consist of partners from industry, knowledge institutes, NGO’s, healthcare providers and the government, all active in the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector. These partners provide innovative and sustainable solutions to global (and local) healthcare challenges and are active all over the world. In the last decade we visited and maintained relationships with more than 30 countries and created a sustainable & special focus on: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and the Middle East. IDBH Senso is a member of Task Force Health Care with a dedicated focus on the healthcare sector in Indonesia.

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