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Enhancing Tuberculosis Screening in Indonesia

Delft Imaging is a global market leader in imaging solutions for the triage- and screening of tuberculosis. Active in over 65 countries, the company has implemented hundreds of projects, utilizing its CAD4TB artificial intelligence software, its portfolio of X-ray systems and its range of mobile clinics.

Indonesia, the world’s second-highest TB burden country, has made remarkable progress against TB. Yet, over the last decade, the infectious disease has remained among the top causes of death in the nation. In a country of over 270 million, more than 950,000 are estimated to have developed TB. In addition, more than 50000 people are considered to be missing people with TB.

Together with Delft Imaging, IDBH Senso introduced the Artificial Intelligence based Tuberculosis screening in Indonesia. It started in 2018, when a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia and the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It included a collaboration on infectious diseases – the aim to, together, combat the rise of TB. This became the ground on which Delft Imaging joined the country’s effort against TB and has selected IDBH Senso as their partner to introduce their solutions in Indonesia

IDBH Senso as the local partner of Delft Imaging

Indonesia is a huge and rapidly developing market, but it requires local knowledge and, in most cases, local presence. As IDBH Senso is always striving for impact, we also want to support Indonesia in Tuberculosis control by providing the recommended screening solution for Tuberculosis by the World Health Organization.

In March 2021, the WHO recommended the use of Computer Aided- Detection (CAD) software instead of human readers to interpret digital chest X-rays for TB screening and triage. CAD4TB from Delft Imaging is one of the three products included in the technical evaluation.

We represent Delft Imaging in Indonesia and in the region for their Tuberculosis screening solutions. We handle all Delft Imaging activities in Indonesia, from product registration to product assembly. As the local partner, IDBH Senso acts as the Delft Imaging Indonesia.

Product registation & introduction

Product registration is a requirement in Indonesia. IDBH Senso has selected the local distribution partner for the product registration and manage the process.

Meanwhile we have approaced the stakeholders for the product introduction and managed a number of pilot projects. Delft Imaging AI for Tuberculosis CAD4TB is now registered and listed in the national e-Katalog. We will repeat this support for each product from Delft Imaging in Indonesia.

Business Development

IDBH Senso has been trusted to take care the stakeholders management, customer management and business development in Indonesia, whether for the public-, academic- as for the private sector. 

We also manage the rental service for the CAD4TB Artificial Intelligence solution for Tuberculosis screening in Indonesia.

(Technical) Support team

To support the customers and users in the region, we have setup a dedicated support team in Indonesia. All support queries and trainings are handled by the our team in Indonesia.

We also manage the assembly of the CAD4TB sets in Indonesia including local sourcing of the required components.

This team works closely with the team of Delft Imaging in The Netherlands and Ghana.

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